Hand plane Stanley Number 4 Restoration.

A couple days ago I bought a Stanley No 4 hand plane on ebay,


On woodworking, tools usually cost Time-Money-Frustration. If you buy a High end Veritas, Lie-Nielsen will cost you almost no Time and Frustration but you end up spend Money. If you get a cheap tool probably you save Money but will cost you Time and frustration. So you need access what you are willing to invest on the tool and choose between Time, Money or Frustration.

Since I’m willing to give Time and frustration, I get a second hand plane it a Stanley number 4 smoothing plane, and it turn out to be a Type 19 made by Stanley 1948-1961.
more info.

This was the initial state of the plane.


Then I took it apart to check if there was any damage. I’ve found lots of rust, a twisted thread rod, and some finishing damage on the handle and knob .


After some cleaning it look like this.


The knob and handle was original rosewood painted in very dark brown ( almost black), after some sending (and more to come).


After full sending and a two coats of polyurethane varnish.


And this is the final.


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