History Of Power Tools – A History Documentary Film

A power tool is a tool that is actuated by an extra power source and system other than the solely manual labour used with hand tools. Tools directly driven by animal power are not normally thought about power tools.

Power tools are utilized in industry, in construction, in the yard, for household chores activities such as food preparation, cleansing, and around our home for functions of driving (bolts), drilling, cutting, forming, sanding, grinding, transmitting, polishing, painting, heating and more.

Stationary power tools nevertheless often have benefits in speed and reliability, and some stationary power tools could produce things that could not be made in any type of other means. The term equipment tool is not usually applied to fixed power tools for woodworking, although such use is periodically heard, and in some situations, such as drill presses and bench mills, exactly the same tool is used for both woodworking and metalworking.

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