James Krenov – Studio Furniture Maker

The author of four crucial books for any serious woodworker, Krenov taught a philosophy that has become a prerequisite for advanced cabinetry throughout the world. Krenov lectured at schools and universities all over the world and received numerous awards for his achievements both as a trailblazer and a craftsman. He was regularly featured in numerous magazines world-wide. A recognized furniture maker in Sweden, he moved to Northern California in 1981, where he created and led the College of the Redwoods’ Fine Woodworking School. In his twenty years with the school he taught hundreds of eager students from around the world while continuing to build his own fine furniture. He retired from the college in 2002, still actively creating cabinets in his home woodshop. As his eye sight failed him, he continued to make planes by touch until the spring of 2009.


2 thoughts on “James Krenov – Studio Furniture Maker”

  1. Aprilia says:

    is he an artist?

    1. Augusto Campos says:

      Was a furniture make that invent a type of plane.

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