Every woodworker should build two workbenches, in my opinion, the first to get skills and identify mistakes and the second one for life.
This is my fist one 🙂

P1100308 This is how I make my workbench.
The workbench top is 180cm x 80cm x 87cm heigth.
The shelf is 160cm x 60cm .
Nothing like have a nice project to start.You can get the Google tSkechUp project here

Stuff you should know before starting 🙂

How to Calculate the workbench heigth
Rules for Workbenches from Popularwoodworking

The Making of

Qtd Description length width height U.Price Price€
3 Ripa 2600 140 18 9.49 28.47
2 Ripa 2600 150 22 9.99 19.98
1 Placa Aglomerado 2440 1220 10 12.99 12.99
2 Placa Pinho 2000 500 18 10.99 21.98
2 Ripa Casquinha tosca 2400 63 72 11.89 23.78
1 Placa contraplacado 600 300 15 4.49 4.49
1 Ripa casquinha aplainada 900 44 44 9.79 9.79
Total 121.48


Qtd Description U.Price Price€
8 Parafuso aço zincado D8x10 PKG 0.35
8 Porca Seistavadas aço zincado D8 PKG 5.78
16 Anilha aço zincado D12 PKG 2.59
1 Varão Roscadp M8 1.75 1.75
4 Porcas D8 0.8 0.8
4 Anilha D8 0.8 0.8
4 Cantoneira Preta 12×14 1.75 1.75
1 Torno bancada Drapper 150mm 18.01 18.01
1 Perfil Chato Aço 1000x350x60 9.79 9.79
Total 41.71

Attach apron the the legs

  • Cut the legs to to final length.
  • Upside on a flat ground attach, with glue and 2 screws, the 4 legs.
  • If the screw are small, the the legs + apron you can make a recess.
  •  Make the stretcher  about 20 cm from the ground.
  •  I set the stretcher heigh  so I can put power tool box under the shelf.
  • Add 2 boards across the top, and the stretcher shelf, for stability.
  • The shelf is 10mm MDP(Particle board).


  • At this time I apply water base varnish, because is easy before set the top.
  • My top is made by 2 pine boards 1800x400x22 mm glued together making the top 1800x800x22 mm and screwed to the apron.
  • Apply same water base varnish to the top.
  •  Open 2 holes for the Drapper 150mm vice as close to the leg I can
  •  Open 3 more holes for the vice guides and rod
  •  On the front I add 44×44 mm spruce block, so the vice is flush with the top.
  • And add some replaceable wood jaw  in the vice.
  • For more stability I add a 90º french cleat  on the inside.
  •  Add the other replaceable wood jaw to the vice.
  • My vice has only 150mm and I want a bigger one so I add a 450 mm steel bar in the outside of the vice.
  • An now I have a  Vice. ( In the ends it do not hold very much, this is one of the things that I change if I could.
  •  Add a effect in the ends with router.
  •  “Et voilá” my workbench vice.
  •  In this photo you can see the detail in the end of the right side of vice.
  •  In this photo you can see the detail in the end of the left side of vice.
  •  In this photo you can see the detail of the vice and left workbench side.
  • Apply a water base varnish to the top and the work is finish.
  • After 3 cotes of the water base varnish.
  • Add some tools and shop stuff.

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  1. Victor Walker says:

    Thats a nice bench congratulations

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    Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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