Multi Tool Table


This is my Multi tool table.Serve as my router table , storage, and is the same height as my table saw often is use as end holder for cut big boards.
 The Router table fence.

Stuff you should know before starting

I never get tired of saying that. Nothing like a good plan…

The Making of

 The top is 2x 19mm white melamine plywood
 2 of the 4 caster have brake mechanism.
 For more stability I place the casters outside of the base.Added a plywood strip in top of caster for more secure.
 And the main body is looking like this.The back is 10mm raw MDP (cardboard) and is removal for quick access to the router.
*  Some photos got yellow :(* Some detail in the top was cut the entrance for the router.
The top “door”.
 The middle drawer.
 The bottom drawer.
 The Handles.
 The final work :D
 The router table fence.