Shop Stool


 I decide to make a, Paul Sellers, bench stool for my shop.

Stuff you should know before starting

As always a nice project starts with a nice plan.For this project I use cheap pine and I only use hand tools.Dimensions are 440mm x 440mm x 700mm(You should test for height and position of the feet rail  so it will be comfortable to you)


The Making of

 First layout, to set the bevel gauge to the right angle.
Top Mortises and Tenons.
 Top Mortises and Tenons first assembly.
 Bottom Mortises and Tenons.
 Front and back done!
 first Full “dry run”.
 Carving the seat, for the first time with a Gouge 6/25mm, and yes I got myself 2 blisters on the left hand.
Carving done, I found some defects (bug holes) on the top board, So I use wood filler to fix them.
And I got myself a Bench Stool,That’s all folks…