My first hand cut dovetail join.

Nothing like a traditional hand cut dovetail join, today the dovetail join is handle like a “graduation” in woodworking, almost all stablish woodworker say “Dovetail is a simple join to make” and I understand bring the discussion to some I do for more than 20 years (Computer Programming) Assembly is a simple programming language, is just know the Processor Instructions as use them so the Computer do what you want him to do…

My first attempt wasn’t perfect but ended up better than I expected.


Dovetail joins are found usually in drawers and interlock joins at 90º , in fine furniture.

Why use Dovetails? Dovetail was used so the woodworkers do not have to use iron/steel nails. Yes this was the reason, as disappointing as it sounds! In the old days nails were not easy to find/make and they were not cheap. So woodworkers invented/find the dovetail join so they hand up using no nails.


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