Let’s talk about Timber – Veneer

Veneer is very thin timber that is cut 3 millimetres or less and used to cover either MDF to give the surface a wood grain appearance.

Strips of this wood are also used to make plywood as it is glued in layers to make it light weight and strong.

This product is widely used in woodwork because it is a useful product that is used to make cheaper furniture, because uses less wood and uses other materials, like plywood and give them a new look more like high quality, not only for the price but for the stability of the timber too.

More expensive timbers are usually used when making it to increase the quality look and feel of the product it is being applied too. particle board can also be covered with a plastic laminate but it does not give a quality feel like strips of wood do.

It is fairly easy to bond to manufactured fibreboards, panels and flooring as long as the surface is relatively flat and a good adhesive is used such as PVA glue.

You can also buy this product raw so that a finish of some sort can be applied to increase the strength, durability and appearance of the wood.

If you are attempting to Glue your own veneer to a manufactured board you must be very careful and delicate because it does not take much to damage the sheets.

Also try not to leave any unwanted marks or dirt on the sheets because it may be difficult to remove as you generally can’t sand it because of how thin the sheets are.